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Hello! My name is Jaak (pronounced like “Jack”). I’m an electrical and computer engineer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When I’m not working on audio-related stuff you can find me performing with Tine Net, attempting to play jazz piano, riding my bike, flying kites, and hanging with my cats.

Kinotone (Kee-no-tone) is just me with some help from my partner in crime Hannah.

My goal is to create high quality electronics for musicians, producers, and engineers using state-of-the art DSPs and microcontrollers. I’m fascinated by the sound and feel of analog but love the precision and flexibility that digital provides. Kinotone products combine the best of both worlds. The end result is playful, powerful devices that are fun and inspiring to use.

Before starting Kinotone I:

  • Designed electronics for some of the world’s leading motorcycle and agricultural equipment manufacturers.
  • Ran a synthesizer and pro-quality audio repair business restoring synthesizers, drum machines, amplifiers, electric pianos, effects units, and more for musicians and studio owners in my community.
  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered 100+ live in-studio sessions for Radio K.
  • Studied electrical and computer engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Since I would never be where I am without the kindness and generosity of DIY communities, all of my software and hardware files will eventually be released open source for learning, hacking, and remixing.