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Hi there! You are welcome to shoot us a message, but check out these FAQs first:

When will Ribbons be back in stock?
The short answer is that we aren’t sure. At the moment we’re taking a break from manufacturing more Ribbons while we focus on designing our next device.

Do you have a mailing list?
Not exactly, but if you create an account on the Kinotone forum you’ll receive weekly recaps with new topics, including any big announcements. The forum is the best place to keep in touch. We also share updates on our Instagram.

Do you offer discounts to musicians?
We do not. All of our customers are musicians.

I’d like to make a demo video for Ribbons. Can you send me a unit to check out?
Sorry but all demo units have been allotted and we don’t have extra inventory to comp or loan out.

I’m a distributor / dealer — any chance I can stock your pedal?
All sales are directly through our webstore. It’s possible we might explore a few dealer relationships in the future, mainly because we’d love to make it easier for folks outside the U.S. to get their hands on Kinotone products. Feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to introduce yourself!

Can you ship to [xyz country]?
Most likely. We ship flat rate international via DHL Express. If you don’t see your country listed at checkout, shoot us a message using the form below and we’ll get it sorted.

Are import fees included in the cost at checkout?
Kinotone does not cover import fees for international orders. Any import fees / taxes are handled directly with the courier service (DHL Express) prior to delivery.

I submitted a contact form awhile ago and still haven’t gotten a response. Why not?
We do our best to respond to all contact forms within 2 business days. If it’s been longer and you haven’t heard back, our email may have landed in your spam folder. Try searching for a response from support@kinotoneaudio.com. If you don’t see one, send us your message at that email address and we’ll reply directly.

Still have a question? Ask away: